​There are several camp houses on the ranch that are equipped with bunks, showers, bathrooms, laundry and satellite television for a comfortable visit.  


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​​​​Hunting South Texas Brush Country in
Zapata and Jim Hogg Counties

We are hunting over 14,000 acres of prime South Texas brush country located in Zapata and Jim Hogg Counties.  For over 40 years, the ranch has been managed to improve quality of the whitetail deer and help the quail poplulation.  We take a lot of pride in having successful hunts while keeping the hunt wild and natural. 

The ranch has produced numerous nice trophy and management bucks throughout the years and it is exciting knowing that there are many great deer in the brush that are rarely seen.  We have had some groups of hunters that have been hunting here for over 25 years, and now we are seeing the new generations of the original hunters' sons and grandsons coming through the front gate. 

This is a real hunt with natural wild deer and a great population of wild quail.  (Blue quail and Bobwhites) Even with the wild and natural setting , our success rate on deer hunts is usually 100% every year with the occasional situation of a miss or other mishap, however most all hunters will have the opportunity to get a great buck.

We provide meals, lodging and all of the amenities right here at the camp on the ranch.  There are not too many things better than sitting around a mesquite fire, talking about the hunt, thinking about a dream buck, good quail hunting and dove hunting while hanging out on a great ranch in South Texas. 

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